Game Information

  • Platform:   ME/XP/2000/VISTA
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone Not Yet Rated
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • Early Release Date: March 2007
  • Age Range:  +18 College Level Education
  • P4 1.3Ghz or Higher Recommended., PIII 800 MHz or faster (lowest settings)
  • 80 MB hard-drive space
  • Sound Card


Designed exclusively for the business driven individual, this Fully Interactive Real Estate Trainer Will Help You Learn How To Successfully Flip Real Estate in a game-like setting! 

Learn to purchase property with as little money down as possible, fix them up, flip them for a fast profit, or rent them out for long term gains.  Our TRAINER will allow you to simulate years of real estate investment in a completely graphical and financially realistic setting.  When you upgrade purchased properties you will see the changes as they are being made! 

You will start out the game by giving it some basic details about yourself like your name, age, and real life income.  Then you will set a realistic goal such as having a specified net worth within a set number of years.   You will then begin the game and watch the months and years roll by as you come to realize if your goal is merely a pipe dream or if your real estate ambition can make it a reality.  The guided training system will help you learn the ropes as you play the game for the first time.  It will lead you step by step to understanding the interface and how to purchase, repair, and flip properties.

However -- don't expect to purchase your first property right that second!  Our software is designed as a trainer and uses real life values to determine all aspects of real estate.  You may have to start out renting in order to save up money for a down payment or to search the market for that perfect high equity zero down home.  Lack of a down payment can force you to accept that sub prime loan and high interest rate or enable you to purchase far outside of your buying power.  You may have to search and visit dozens of homes to decide when the best time to make your move is. 

Success in this game starts with buying your first time home and doesn't get any easier.  Rather you have your eyes set on a duplex to live in and rent the other half out, a single residence, or a large commercial apartment building, you will have to negotiate with mortgage brokers to lower your interest rates, agree to a low monthly payment, and secure funds for repairing and moving into your new home.  Bad electrical, ruined carpets, flooring, leaking roofs, or faulty plumbing may be the least of your problems if you purchase a home with a sinking foundation!  In either account you will find it difficult to rent properties in bad shape -- or even to live in them.  You can improve your dream home by upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, doing repairs, and adding on to the property.  As you make major changes to the property you will see your home transform before your eyes! 
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Does real estate sound easy?  Making ugly houses beautiful is one thing,  however making a profit in the process is difficult.  One thing is for sure, you will find yourself in a jam for cash more times then not.  The trainer is designed to teach you about cash flow and what to expect when you own real estate.  Homes continually require repairs, have hefty mortgage payments, and annual taxes can quickly send a landlord into the poor house.  You will find that the trainer is a great tool regardless if your plan is to flip investment property or to accumulate rental property.  Each aspect of the trainer is designed to allow absolute freedom to approach your goals in ways that you feel are best.  You may start out purchasing a duplex, living in one half and renting the other side out to help increase your cash flow.  On the same hand or may repair the unit and flip it for a quick profit on a booming real estate market.  You could even push the limits and gobble up as much real estate on the market as possible only to find yourself in a bind for cash and earn yourself a lifetime of debt and bad credit.  Renovating homes above land values, making poor repairs,  buying property with foundation problems, and running into cash flow issues can quickly crumble your real estate empire.   You will find this software educates the mind as well as to being a highly addictive and fascinating investment game. 

Fixing and selling homes is a great way to increase your cash flow and maximize your return on your investment.  Learn how to place properties on the real estate market for quick sales and negotiate with buyers to obtain the highest price for your home.  During booming markets you may even receive more then your asking price!  Learn how to maximize profits in real estate through continued simulation of the markets and complex aspects of the real estate industry.

The software also integrates a real time game engine that will keep the game unique, fresh, and accurate as time passes.  Properties are dynamically generated so you will never see the same property twice.  You will find that renters will come and go as they please depending on the market size and slow times can cause great financial damage to your portfolio.  Homes appreciate in value based on historical national averages and repair costs will remain accurate to home sizes, values, and predicted lumber prices in the future.  Each game will have a unique feel while maintaining experience and figures that you can actually take to the bank.

Charts and Graphs help you manage your growth and earnings momentum.  You can quickly see if you are on the path to meeting your goals or if bankruptcy may soon be an option. 
This Real Estate training can teach you essential skills in cash flow and purchasing property that you can quickly flip for a profit.  You will find this software educates the mind as well as to being a highly addictive and fascinating investment game. 

Search for that perfect property to renovate old ugly homes into valuable profit opportunities.  Buy them, fix them, rent them, or flip them!  This game will allow you wander out side of the books and simulate the experience to help you learn on your own.

So what are you waiting for?  You know you want it! 

The Flip That House Real Estate Trainer will help you practice the knowledge you have learned about buying, flipping, and selling real estate.  What is the point in reading all of the books if you cannot simulate the process and learn it first hand.  Other Real Estate "Games" available on the market such as Donald Trump's version are just that -- games!  Their figures and market is purely fictional and their software is hard to use.  They will not teach you anything about true house filling or real estate investing.  This trainer is designed to tackle the problem at hand with your interest in mind.  It is based on the idea that your not a millionaire, that you current work a job, and most likely don't own your home.  You don't start with millions of dollars -- you must build your real estate empire from the ground up with only a few dollars to your name.  No easy solutions -- no cheat codes!  If you can win this game then you can do the real thing and avoid some of the most common and devastating mistakes in the real estate industry.



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